Suspension of Public Masses

The Catholic Bishops conference of England and Wales have today announced the removal of the Sunday obligation for the faithful. There will be no public masses held on Sundays or during the day until further notice.

Fr. David will still be saying mass, this will take place at 10am each day with the exception of Tuesday, Fr’s day off. We have set up a system where you are able to attend these Masses through the internet Mass, Stations of the cross and Adoration will take place with times on the website.

When going to the website, please click on the “live stream” tab and press play. There is also a page where you may add prayer requests and intentions, these will be offered in prayer at each Mass. You will also find a resources page where we shall add prayer books, readings of the Sundays and other useful devotional items. Please do contact the parish office if you need help with this.

During the closure of the public Mass, the opening of the church as an individual place of prayer will remain as before. We ask you to observe good hygiene, as we shall within the building. If you find yourself in private prayer along with others, then please ensure at least 2 metres is left between you.

We do not know how long this process will remain but will continue to support you as we are able. It will be sad to not see each other face to face, but please do not feel isolated. If you need help, please contact the parish office. If you would like a phone call, or know someone who might appreciate one, please contact the parish office.

Please pass all this information on to others that we know may be finding this time difficult. With all the love and prayers of the communities of St. Alban’s, St Hugh’s and the Church on Oakwood.

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