Further Update – Suspension of Masses at St Alban’s, St Hugh’s and The Church on Oakwood

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Catholic Church in England and Wales will suspend public Masses and other liturgies until Saturday 2nd May, at the earliest.

What does this mean for the Parishes of St Alban’s and St Hugh’s

As part of our risk management strategy for reducing the possibility of passing on the COVID-19, Coronavirus, public Masses are suspended as well as the following events at either at St Albans, St Hugh’s or The Church on Oakwood:

  • Easter services,
  • Baptisms,
  • First Confessions,
  • First Holy Communion preparations
  • Confirmations preparations
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Discovering Our Faith
  • Station Masses
  • Lenten House Masses
  • Parish Friday Football
  • Biguns and Littleuns
  • Fund raising events eg 24-hour football
  • Group and individual meetings
  • Good Friday Walk and Act of Witness
  • Easter Blessing of baskets
  • Deanery Adult and junior choirs
  • Meditation sessions
  • Youth Group

To support the parish communities, we intend to stream Sunday 10am and weekday Masses via www.derbycatholiclive.co.uk

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