Church Open for Private Prayer

Great news to share everyone! Thank you everyone for your patience during this unprecedented time. We are now in a position to start, with care, to reopen the Church little by little.

Private Prayer

  • The Church will be open on Wednesdays between 6 and 8pm for private, individual prayer.
  • You will need to follow all guidance given by the stewards, and possibly wait outside until there is a space in the building for you to safely sit.
  • If you would like to pray in church at the weekend, then St Alban’s will be open on a Saturday between 3 and 5pm.

Resumption of Public Masses

We hope to have an update on Mass VERY soon, but as you can imagine, this requires a few extra steps to be put in place and will require a lot of patience and understanding from us all.

Thank you for all your continued cooperation, we look forward to seeing you as these little steps start to unfold.

Born For This – A Lenten Reflection

St Alban’s, St Hugh’s and The Church on Oakwood are putting on ‘Born For This’, a Lentern reflection delivered through Music, Poetry and Drama.

This is a powerful presentation of the Stations of the Cross open to all ages. We will prepare on Wednesday evenings during Lent and the performance will be on Friday 12th April – as our final Stations of the Cross.

Please click here:

Sign up and state your preference for rehearsal timings.

Alternatively fill in the sign up sheet that will be at the back of Church.

We are very excited by this project and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Any questions please see Jo or Geoff Rowlands.

Derby to host second LGBT Mass – St. Albans Church 2pm 28/10/17

Following a well-attended Mass for LGBT Catholics, their families and friends, celebrated by Bishop Patrick McKinney in the Cathedral Church of St Barnabas in October 2016, the Diocese is to host another Mass this October. The venue this time will be St Alban’s church. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr David Cain, at 2pm on Saturday 28th October. Refreshments will be available in the parish hall following the Mass.  Fr David will be available for the sacrament of reconciliation and/or consultation from 12.30 to 1.30pm.

These masses deliver a strong and clear message to LGBT Catholics that they are welcome and that they have a place in the Church. Last year’s Mass attended by some seventy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics, their friends and families, from the diocese and beyond.  Bishop McKinney is among a growing number of bishops seeking to be more inclusive. In his homily at last year’s Mass,  reflecting on Jesus’ meeting with the tax collector Matthew, the bishop said, “The view we have of ourselves can often be limited and indeed negatively affected by the way others look upon us and the labels they give us. . . let us take comfort and hope from today’s Gospel story of Matthew who allowed Jesus to draw close to him, to look upon him with love and mercy, so freeing him from a narrow understanding of himself and enabling him to look upon himself as Jesus looked upon him.”

This diocesan initiative is evidence of the principle of accompaniment, meaning that bishops and priests can meet people where they are spiritually and build relationships that help them deepen their faith.

Please join us for this opportunity for Christian fellowship.

Poster and more information.

Change to Mass Times

Given the combined responsibility for Fr Paul and Fr Slavic to look after the parishes of St Alban’s (with The Church on Oakwood) and St Hugh’s, we have to change the times of our Sunday morning Masses so that in the event of an emergency, or if Fr Paul or Fr Slavic is needed elsewhere, the Masses can be covered by one priest.

From 25th October the new Mass times will be as follows: 9am at St Hugh’s and 10.30am at St Alban’s. Thank you for your cooperation.

2013 AGM & Parish Council Minutes

Here are the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 7 November 2013:

Minutes 071113

Here are the reports to the AGM held on 17 October 2013, the meeting notes & the PAG statement of moneys raised:

2013 AGM Notes

AGM Report 2013

PAG Donations Summary

Here are the minutes of our Parish Pastoral Council meeting held on 12 September 2013:

Minutes 120913

Here are the minutes of our Parish Pastoral Council meeting held on 27 June 2013:

Minutes 270613

Here are the minutes of our Parish Pastoral Council meeting held on 9 May 2013:

Minutes 090513

Here are the minutes of our Parish Pastoral Council meeting held on 11 April 2013:

Minutes 110413

Here you will find the minutes from our Parish Pastoral Council which was held on 7 March 2013:

Minutes 070313 corrected

Here you will find the minutes from our Parish Pastoral Council which was held on 31 January 2013:

Minutes 310113

Here you will find the notes from the St Hugh’s Parish Annual General Meeting.  The meeting was held on the 18th October 2012: