Christmas at St Hugh’s and St Alban’s

“There is always something very exciting about getting ready for Christmas. If we can enjoy, but look beyond the twinkling lights and the brightly wrapped gifts under the tree, something powerful is taking place. Christmas and the build up to the festivity is about “remembering” – and what we are remembering as people of faith is the powerful arrival of God’s Son, Jesus, on earth.

Picture1What all this means is that God loved the world so much, that he sent his Son to show us just how much he loves us, and through the vulnerable cry of a baby born into unusual and unlikely circumstances, Gods voice of love was heard.

Advent is our spiritual journey to discover that love! We have four weeks to get ready for the great festival of the Christian Church and we can prepare in all sorts of ways; through quiet reflection of the Christmas story, through community prayer at Mass or through a living out of the themes of Advent as each candle is lit on our wreath: Hope, Joy, Love and Peace. Christmas is built around these four words – these are the ‘real’ gifts of the Season and living these will show the effect that God’s presence can have on those who are open to his arrival in our world and in our hearts.

Enjoy the Season. With our prayers,”

Fr Paul & Fr Ka Fai


At St Alban’s Church:
(with children from St Alban’s School)
MONDAY 22nd DECEMBER 7.00 pm
Followed by refreshments
Services of Reconciliation

Thursday 11th December – 6.00 pm at St Hugh’s Borrowash
Tuesday 16th December – 7.00 pm at St Alban’s Church, Chaddesden

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

At St Alban’s: Saturday 13th and 20th December 5.45 pm—6.15 pm
At St Hugh’s: Available on request.


St Alban’s Church 6.00 pm, Carols from 5.30 pm (Beginning with the blessing of the Christmas Crib )
St Hugh’s Church 7.30 pm, Carols from 7.00 pm (Family Mass)


The Church on Oakwood 8.30 am
St Hugh’s Church, Borrowash 9.30 am
St Alban’s Church, Chaddesden 10.00 am

Glory to God Image