A Cautious Easing of Restrictions

Following the Governments latest announcements of the easing of restrictions but aware of rising numbers of Covid cases we have made a few key changes:

1. The Booking for Mass has ended.
2. Continue hand sanitizing on entry, exit & ministry.
3. We ‘strongly recommend’ the wearing of masks.
4. Stewards only need to write down details for those folks who can’t use the QR Code whilst the Governments Track & Trace is still in place.
5. If Mass goers would like a space kept free next to them, they’ll receive a card from a Steward as they arrive to put on the seat beside them.
6. Congregational singing is permitted for those wearing a mask.
7. The one-way systems go but we’re keeping the Holy Communion distance markers at the front.
8. Those receiving Holy Communion on the tongue should go to the priest at the end.
9. Stewards keep hold of the offertory baskets.
10. We continue the sign language of peace.
11. Good ventilation continues.
12. Social activities generally will remain on pause until after the summer.

2 thoughts on “A Cautious Easing of Restrictions

  1. PAT LYONS says:

    This is not clear to me AFTER THIS WEEKEND with the date 28 or 29 ? On newsletter. It will be our first  Mass to attend! Member of Parish council said no need to book!!Regards Pat Lyons. St Hugh’s Sent from Samsung tablet

    • simonb66 says:

      Hi Pat, i have changed the wording to make the post clearer. There is no need to book for mass. Simon.

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